If you’re truly serious about getting your book into the big screen, the Hollywood Film Connect services focus on crafting uniquely written content to get an author’s work noticed by decision makers such as film directors and producers. Here are our top three Hollywood connect services:

Film Script Coverage

A film script coverage is the first step in establishing how your material would make a good fit for the big screen. Key story points will be mentioned in a standard TV industry format, as well as a synopsis and review of your work.


Film Treatment

A film treatment is a roadmap which outlines how your book might be adapted as a screenplay. Having a film treatment ready encourages visualization and helps agents, producers, and directors better see how your book will be adapted as a film.


Film Screenplays

A film screenplay is your strongest tool in encouraging film decision makers to have a look at your story. A well-written screenplay makes it easier for Hollywood big shots to say yay or nay on your work.


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