Congratulations on taking the leap of getting your book published and starting your journey as a self-published author. After months or years of feeling inspired and wanting to have your heart and thoughts written down, you’ve taken the courage to get your book published! Your journey into the book industry has just begun and it’s time to take the bigger leap. Many may argue that as an author, there are several upsides of choosing to remain self-published. However true that may be, the biggest goal of any writer is to be acquired by a well-renowned traditional publishing company. You’ll want to find a traditional publisher who will ultimately buy the rights of your book and help you sell your work to a massive, international audience. This is what Goldman truly specializes. After years of mastering the book marketing industry, we’ve gathered a set of arsenals that are sure to pique the interest of book investors! Here are two of our most powerful methods to start getting your book to the right people – to the ones that truly matter!


Hollywood Connect & Cinematic Book Videos

Our Hollywood Connect services are geared towards crafting written and visual content to get an author’s work noticed by decision makers such as film producers and directors. While this service is best for fiction books, when done right, this applies to autobiographies and other niches. Learn how we can grab the interest of Hollywood producers and get the chance to get your book adapted as a film. Check out our Hollywood Connect and Cinematic Book Video services.


Influencer Marketing

An influencer is a team or individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, expertise or relationship with their audiences. Gone are the days where books only have had the chance to be picked up by a publisher if the author had strong connections. Trends have changed and traditional publishing houses today are constantly on the lookout for what might be the next best-underrated books which have yet to get the attention they truly deserve! You can jumpstart a powerful method of creating exposure for your book by getting an influencer to start endorsing your story. Learn more about our Influencer Marketing Program.


Other Book Marketing Services:

You can also take advantage of some of our most powerful author marketing tools to grab the attention of general book buyers. Have a look into:



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